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Forensic Accounting-Fraud Services

We can help your company or attorneys detect, deter, and investigate fraud. In detection and investigation services we can include asset tracing, forensic accounting, computer forensics, interviews and interrogations, and expert reports and testimony. Deterrence services include evaluating your company’s current anti-fraud plan and infrastructure, policy development and implementation, computer system analyses, accounting procedures implementation, evaluation of internal controls and fraud awareness training.

A fraud prevention analysis investigates day-to-day transactions and tests internal controls to determine if business leaks and defalcations exist or could exist.

The criminal activity uncovered may include fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and concealment of debt, concealment of assets or other fraudulent activities, or even financial crimes. Forensic accountants may be called upon to testify in court as expert witnesses in criminal and civil litigation and appear in pretrial depositions.

Some of the cases that we've worked on have involved:

  • Investigation of embezzlement and other fraudulent schemes
  • Investigation of fraudulent financial statements
  • Assist management in gathering and preserving electronic evidence
  • Assist attorneys and public prosecutors with the documentation and evaluation of evidence to be used in trial